Verona from Above!

John McClellan took the photograph, located below this text, from almost 10,000 feet up on November 14, 2004.  10,000 feet up in a jet is nothing while it is scary from inside a Cessna.  Especially since we were above NYC air space, and large jets like 747′s were flying below the plane, going into Kennedy or Newark Airports for a landing.  It is a lot like being in a row boat and having a great white shark swim under the boat.

Verona covers 1776.64 acres.  There are many homes, apartments as well as many businesses. There are a variety of places of worship and no fewer than six public and one parochial school.  Recreational facilities in Verona include: 1) all of Verona Park’s 54.32 acres are is within the boundary of Verona;   2) some of Eagle Rock Reservation’s 408.33 acres;  3)  about 25% of the private Montclair Golf Club, which has 36 holes and covers just under 300 acres, is in Verona; 4) part of the 284.16 acre Hilltop Reservation.

North is on the left, East on the top and so forth.  The easiest way to find your house or local elementary school is to use Verona Park as your starting point.  Just north of the park is Bloomfield Ave and just west of the park is Lakeside Ave.

“Several small parts of Verona like the pool and the top of Fairway Ave were not seen in this bird’s-eye view.  Click here and you can see a current satellite view of Verona.”

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