Verona Municipal 

If you’re thinking about moving to Verona

Residents Handbook

Verona is a close knit community with so much small town charm of old. We want to preserve that so generations to come can understand where we as Americans have come from.

Friendly people helping people, Mom and Pop shops doing business together in harmony, while caring about each other.

We have put an organization together called Project “Old Verona” in hopes to make Verona one of your must visit destination stops when visiting the Northeast US.

The development of  a Vistors Center/Historic Museum as well as a fun and exciting business center with key attractions such as Verona park (created by the same designers who built Central Park in New York City).

The Visitors center/museum is the go to first stop where people can get information on the town. Discount tickets, Trolley Tokens, CDs, DVDs, books, maps, souvenirs as well as Historical literature will be available.

The Verona Trolley was decommissioned in 1952.  We want her back in all her Glory. She will be wheel based carrying passengers up and down Bloomfield Ave. This will bring people in and out of our town.  It will also be one of our attractions that will allow people to leave the car home while enjoying shopping, restaurants, and nightlife.

Verona’s history is so interesting and amazing. It needs to be accessible by everyone young and old. We have families that go back 10 generations. In our new museum building we will have historical information, photos, artifacts, and stories that will span decades from present day Verona all the way back to it’s inception in the 1700s.

People are welcome and encouraged to come and visit from all over the world.

Project “Old Verona” historical tours, Ghost walks, and driving tours as well as other attractions will be available for the whole family at our visitors center.

So if you are planning on coming to visit, keep your eyes on this website and use it as your primary source of information…………………………………………………….When you come to Verona!!

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