Developing the Business District

This area of our website is dedicated to all of the business owners in Verona as well as the residents.  It’s not just for the store front businesses, but also for all of the mom and pop home businesses right down to the mobile businesses.

Ladies and gentleman, we have to design a plan so that together we will create a business district more conducive to bringing new business to our town that will benefit our growth. The more business we drive into Verona, the more we shop Verona, the more we utilize Verona services, the more our town can leave the shadows of surrounding towns and develop our own persona.

This area will be used for getting opinions of each and every business owner in town on how to make this town even better than it already is. I have spoken to so many businesses and they all have constructive opinions.  Each business owner really believes and wants to see positive changes.  The economy is bad-so get used to it. It is not stopping the malls from being full and every parking lot at the chain stores are filled. The problem is that we need something here that brings people to our community. Project “Old Verona” is that solution. We utilize our colorful Trolleys (which advertise our businesses), new business in conjunction with the businesses that are already here, and a vast history that goes back the 1700′s to create our own flourishing environment. More events! Cruisin’ downtown, Fundraisers, Art shows, things that get the town involved.  Verona is small enough to put it on the world-wide map. We start now! How do we do it? We will be posting opinions from all the business here and each business will say what they want to say(no negativity.)  Let our townspeople know what we as business owners are thinking and share our ideas.

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2 thoughts on “Developing the Business District

  1. Having my business in Verona for 9 years has been great! Growing up in this town and utilizing all the stores that once were “downtown” is a special memory for me and always thinking “outside the box”, how do we get Verona back to its glory? I have met so many “store friends” from not only this town but surrounding ones. They have seen us as a “pass through town” to get to Caldwell or Montclair to do their shopping. The streetscape has changed for the better with our new sidewalks,street lights, hanging baskets and meters, but some building/store owners really need to spruce up the outside of their spaces. I rent my building but just finished painting the exterior again myself. I know everyone can’t do it but maybe ask your landlord for assistance. Cleaning in front of your store and picking weeds, etc. , sweeping debris each day helps with the appearance. Parking problems are ever present. When meters are covered to give holiday shoppers “free” parking, why is it that store owners and their employees park at the covered meters 6-8 hours each day, taking up our crucial parking spots for customers. My customers have told me they will go around the block a few times and then give up and shop where they can find parking. I also give back to the community I love, we do a “wicked witch of the west end” each October. I have raffles and donate to different charitable organizations in town. We do a Mrs. Claus for the Cause at holiday time. These are just some of my thoughts to boost retailers business/sales. Always open for new ideas. I think Joe is doing something wonderful for our town with Project “Old Verona” and I am grateful to live in this wonderful community!

  2. …just wonderful, dear Debbie! So many local folks love you and your beautiful store! Your heartfelt dedication and love of all things Verona is supremely evident in Main Street Cottage. Keep up your incredibly good work, community efforts and positive impact on our hometown! It’s good people like you and the Arminios that continue to make our Verona what it is…a place of comfort, companionship, history and promise of the future that is bright, expansive and homespun. You continue to help Verona feel like FAMILY! bless you for your enthusiastic participation, Sue (Horrigan)Bernard and family

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