Trish Moore

My name is Trish Moore, and I am happy to join the Project Old Verona as an executive member.  I plan on heading the New Verona initiative.

A lifelong NJ resident, originally from Montclair, I have resided in Verona since 2005. My husband and I are both local business owners; I own a Color Consulting and Interior Decorating business, and he owns a general contracting business. We have 3 young children in elementary school. Although I love the school system, our neighbors, our town pool, and the small town feel of our community, I have many frustrations at the lack of modern amenities and retail locations available to us in our lovely town.

I am motivated and inspired to bring about change, to organize and plan ways of attracting new business that our families can enjoy for years to come. I have spoken to many parents of young children who share the same frustrations, and who are also motivated to get behind this cause.

I feel we can honor Verona’s rich history, while at the same time look to the future. We can create venues for that highlight our past, and also push to create a vibrant, eclectic, and modern business district. 

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