New Verona

My name is Trish Moore, and I am happy to join the Project Old Verona as an executive member.  I plan on heading the New Verona initiative.

A lifelong NJ resident, originally from Montclair, I have resided in Verona since 2005. My husband and I are both local business owners; I own a Color Consulting and Interior Decorating business, and he owns a general contracting business. We have 3 young children in elementary school. Although I love the school system, our neighbors, our town pool, and the small town feel of our community, I have many frustrations at the lack of modern amenities and retail locations available to us in our lovely town.

I am motivated and inspired to bring about change, to organize and plan ways of attracting new business that our families can enjoy for years to come. I have spoken to many parents of young children who share the same frustrations, and who are also motivated to get behind this cause.

I feel we can honor Verona’s rich history, while at the same time look to the future. We can create venues for that highlight our past, and also push to create a vibrant, eclectic, and modern business district. 

Old Verona to Help New Verona:

I am interested in starting a “grass roots” movement to help bring about change to our downtown district and to find a way to attract new businesses. Social Media and word of mouth would be the primary sources of motivating Verona Residents to get involved in starting a movement to revitalize our downtown.

How I would describe my mission for those interested in getting involved in promoting the New Verona Agenda:

Who are we? We are a group of Verona Residents who love their town, but are very frustrated by the lack of modern venues for commerce. We recognize that part of the appeal of our town is the “small town” feel and the sense of community that comes with it. We do not believe that the charm and the small town appeal of our town would be lost by modernizing our options for shopping in the downtown district.

We envision our downtown as a thriving venue for the kind of business most people expect and enjoy in the 21st century. Although some updates have been made our town still appears to be a relic of the 1950’s. This does not make sense. We should honor and highlight our history, while also recognizing that today’s Verona is a diverse community of teachers, lawyers, police officers, artists, doctors, chefs, stay at home moms, stay at home dads, writers, firefighters, contractors, designers, white collar business people; the list goes on.  We are a group that would gladly support a local book store, instead of having to patronize a large chain, or a modern coffee shop – doesn’t have to be Starbucks – we are open minded! We want options. We want to shop local! We would gladly patronize a local movie theatre, art studio, antique store, shoe store, or a gourmet market.



We do not see parking as an obstacle; we would gladly park on any of the side streets for the convenience of not having to go to another town to get the things we desire in this year of 2013.

Our town is small enough to walk in to town, to park on the side streets, or better yet to ride the proposed trolley.


My  Goals:

To Re-Invigorate the down town shopping district, we would love to add a coffee shop, a book store, a casual eclectic American café, more restaurant options, clothing stores, furniture store, shoe store…..Verona could become the go-to destination for more  affluent town like Essex Fells – that does not have a downtown. There is so much potential for retailers to make money, and thus for our town to create tax revenue!

To identify barriers that prevent progressive business and commerce in our town, by engaging our residents in this discussion; by communicating with town elected officials.

To organize our community members at a “Grass Roots” level to get on board with this mission. To communicate how it would be good for our town, and good for our taxes! Organizing would be done through social media and petitioning.


How do we do it?

By using the resources and passion that have already been organized by Joe Arminio around the“Project” Old Verona.  To work in conjunction with these efforts to promote the historical component of this movement. To pool together our vast resources and talents to begin this movement, and to try to quickly affect change – we want these things in our life time, to enjoy while we are raising our kids here.





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